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Ferolite NAM 31

Category:  Non Asbestos Gasket Jointing Sheets

Certain chemicals have been kept at a minimum level, the excess of which might effect the media. It contains a high amount of mineral fibre which is bio-soluble & thus do not pose any health hazard. Therefore NAM 31 may be used for food grade/drug application. It does not contains any material which might contribute to bacterial or fungal growth. However, we stand no guarantee of contamination & are not liable for any consequences arising there off. The user must satisfy themselves regarding usages.

Material Composition
(Type of fibres)
Aramid Fiber, Mineral Fibre
Binders NBR Elastomers
Max.Peak Temp 400°C
Max. Continuous Temp 270°C
Max.Continuous Temp.with steam 240°C
Max. Operating Pressure 100 Kg/cm2

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