Ferolite Jointing Ltd

About Us

Established in 1991, FJL began with big dream. With just one calendar machine, Dr. A. K. Sharma, began the journey which has led to FJL’s success in the industry and its popularity among its clients.

In 2001, we ventured in the markets of Gland Packings and Insulation Textiles with production of the same. In June 2016 we started production of PTFE Thread Seal Tapes .

Headquartered in Delhi and with regional offices in major hubs of the country, we have now emerged as the largest manufacturers and exporters of Gasket materials in India.We relentlessly work towards using futuristic technologies and techniques that will aid the production of materials with the least impact on our environment.

We are single source to many OEM clients in India . We are serving to many automotive companies in the country .

Our products are also supplied to various Refineries, Power Plants and Chemical Industries around the globe. We continue to grow, employing more people, leveraging new machineries and technologies and building lasting relations with our clients.